70,000 French Netflix subscribers targeted by an email scam

Do you live in France and have an account on Netflix ? You will have to be careful of the emails you open. Globb Security sounded the alarm on January 20. According to security experts at Proofpoint, a phishing campaign is currently raging in France, a campaign targeting more than 70,000 Netflix subscribers.

Netflix has succeeded in establishing itself in Europe over the long term. The service currently has millions of subscribers in France and among our European neighbors and nothing seems to be able to undermine its popularity, not even the arrival of serious challengers like Disney +.

70,000 French Netflix subscribers targeted by an email scam
Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

But now, there is always a flip side. And here, in this case, the setback in question takes the form of a cleverly orchestrated phishing campaign that is likely to do a lot of damage.

Netflix targeted by phishing campaign

For a successful phishing, it is always important to choose the right lever. The instigators of this campaign seem to have understood this since they decided to strike where it hurts.

It all starts with a simple email, an email sounding like a warning to the subscriber: following a billing problem, the subscription cannot be renewed. The only solution to avoid closing the account, update your information… by clicking on an integrated link in the middle of the email.

Like any good phishing campaign that respects itself, the email takes over the visual identity of Netflix and it also has the particularity of being written in (almost) correct French. The sender's address also includes a mention to Netflix, so the warning sounds serious.

Warnings that ring true

Except of course the email is not from Netflix. And the link at the heart of the message does not refer to one of the giant's sites either.

And that's obviously a problem. This is a problem because the page the user lands on asks them to indicate several crucial pieces of information, information which can then be reused against them.

According to Proofpoint, this campaign would have been launched at the end of last year, around December. However, it would still continue, and a total of more than 70,000 emails were sent to subscribers of the service in just a few weeks.

Born. Click. Not.

With, sometimes, some variations. The message indeed changes from time to time to stir up trouble and bypass the filters put in place by some providers.

So of course, it is recommended not to click on these posts, let alone on the links that they suit. If you are worried that you have been fooled, know that you will find in this file advice that will allow you to check access to your Netflix account and, in case of problems, to get rid of any squatters.