8 steps for installing a video projector on the ceiling

8 steps for installing a video projector on the ceiling

We explore, in more detail, the option of installing video projectors on a ceiling mount, in the following lines. We include useful tips for choosing and fixing supports, for making connections, but also for maintaining the structure safely. We hope that, in this way, our readers will opt more confidently for this installation option, whether we are talking about home or office.

Before we start this tutorial with tips and hints on mounting video projectors on ceiling mounts, we should mention the advantages of this idea. They are about saving space, as you will no longer need a dresser or other piece of furniture, such as a shelf.

In addition to a ceiling mount, you can more easily mask the cables (network, HDMI, power), which allows a cleaner and more tidy look in the room – no wonder conference rooms are the most common choice. for this interior design option:

Choose the right media

It goes without saying that the dimensions of the video projector mounting platform should be in line with its housing. In addition, it would be good to use the screws included in the package, with which the support will be fixed in the wall or ceiling.

You can opt for longer screws, but for shorter ones, the plug may not be as strong, which will involve a risk of the support falling over time.

In addition, it is a good idea to select models that allow as much flexibility as possible, ie to move the design direction both vertically, tilting the projector up or down, and around. Do not forget that there are many models of supports whose height can be adjusted.

Choose the right threads

Equip yourself with wires long enough to allow you to make mounting mistakes. In other words, if you are masking the cables in special wall channels, order at least 1 meter more in their length – it is better to make them longer than shorter.

The extra cable can be glued discreetly, while if you have insufficient cable, the whole system arrangement plan can be compromised. As a guide, you may need power, HDMI / VGA, possibly a sound cable, if you intend to use external audio systems.

8 steps for installing a video projector on the ceiling

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