8 tips to preserve the autonomy of your iPhone under iOS 8

iOS 8 has been available since last month and many of you may have flocked to it when it was released. With all the complications that this could have caused. But the real problem, ultimately, lies in the autonomy of your iPhone . Luckily for you, there are a few tips that you should find helpful. Tips that could even save the human species from extinction.

Or not, for that matter, but it's too early to know. Pity. What is certain, however, is that the weak autonomy of our phones can be a real handicap, and even more after the arrival of a new version of iOS.

8 Tips To Preserve The Autonomy Of Your Iphone Under Ios 8

Optimizing your phone's battery is very easy haha. OR NOT IN FACT.

The problem is not new, of course, and some of these tips have been known for a very long time. However, a booster shot shouldn't hurt you.

1. Fine-tune the screen brightness

I would probably not teach you anything by telling you that what consumes the most energy on your phone is its screen. This goes for the iPhone, of course, but also for any mobile.

iOS 8, like all the others before it, precisely offers a tool capable of adjusting the brightness of the iDevices screen according to the ambient light. To activate it, it's not complicated, just go to the settings of your terminal and browse in the menu dedicated to the screen and its brightness. There, well it will simply be necessary to move the small button which goes well on the right.

By the way, you can also take the opportunity to adjust the default light intensity by moving the slider located just above.

2. Disable what is not used

It's silly to say, but activating 4G to read your emails is not very useful. Same thing, if you go for a ride in the RER D, then it is not necessarily useful to activate WiFi. And it is very exactly the same thing for Bluetooth, which is ultimately only useful when we need to make our terminal communicate with another device.

iOS 8 gives direct access to all these different settings. All you have to do is open Control Center and tap on the icons that look good.

I know it's heavy, but if you get into the habit of turning off what isn't being used then you will gain a lot of battery life. And that goes for AirDrop, the location service, and all of that stuff, too.

3. Skip the top toupee animations and effects

iOS 8 is full of animations and special effects, each more fun than the next. Fantastic, but these also affect the autonomy of your terminal.

To get rid of it, it's not necessarily very complicated and you just have to go for a little tour of the device settings, in terms of accessibility options . Since you are there, you can also take the opportunity to download this bloody live wallpaper that is absolutely useless, except to impress the girls at the beach.

Afterwards, of course, you can also leave them, but you will no longer have to come and complain on social networks.

4. Switch off the vibrator

For the love of our neighbor, very many of us – really very many – have abandoned the ringing of our telephone in favor of its vibrator. Yes, because not everyone cares about the music you listen to, actually. The same goes for the noises of farts which are no longer in fashion, them either.

The only downside is that the vibrator also consumes energy. And between calls and notifications, well it too can have a huge impact on the autonomy of your precious. From there, you have two choices: either turn it off completely or leave it active only for incoming calls .

How? 'Or' What ? By browsing through the settings, and in the options related to the sound. There, well, you just have to go and choose the action of your choice, and modify the vibrator associated with it… to deactivate it.

5. Manage your notifications intelligently

Notifications, at first it's funny and it especially gives the impression to those around us that we have a hectic life. After all, Grandpa and Grandma don't differentiate between texts and Twitter mentions, do they.

Except that, after a while, these alerts can have a negative impact on your productivity, and also on your phone's battery. And precisely, if you go to the settings of your device, you can choose the applications authorized to emit notifications. All you have to do is tap on their name and choose the appropriate option.

Your phone battery will thank you. Your boss too.

6. Transfer real-time updates

Many mobile users are used to configuring their email client so that it retrieves messages in real time. That way, as soon as a new email drops, it arrives directly on our phone and all we have to do is open it to read it.

It is a mistake. For the autonomy of your terminal, of course and, again, for your productivity. It is therefore preferable to go to the settings of your device, in the section dedicated to emails, contacts and calendars. There you will find an option that will allow you to precisely set how often to retrieve new data. All you have to do then is to deactivate the push, and define a precise interval or, better, completely switch everything to manual.

And above all, remember: you are not a robot.

7. Disable automatic updating … of applications

Since iOS 7, it is possible to ask the platform to automatically retrieve the latest versions of our applications and to install them immediately on our terminal. It's rather practical, but it also means that the platform must contact the AppStore very frequently to check if Rovio has not deployed yet another update for its latest Angry Birds. The forty-ninth.

Fortunately, it is perfectly possible to deactivate this feature if necessary. You just have to open the settings of your terminal and go to the section dedicated to iTunes and the AppStore. There you will find an option to enable or disable automatic downloads for music , apps, and updates . Simple, right?

8. Clean up your options

In addition to these tips, there are plenty of other options to disable to gain a little autonomy.

If you want to go further, you can for example deactivate the equalizer built into iOS 8, set the automatic lock of your phone so that the screen turns off after a few minutes, deactivate the suggestion of applications or even turn off altogether. your phone and put it in a drawer, being careful to wrap it with aluminum foil.

Just kidding, of course, but if you want to go further, then you can also go to the settings, and more precisely in the section related to the battery. iOS 8 is indeed capable of highlighting the most energy-intensive applications.

Casually, it's a good way to take a step back on the use you make of your terminal.

Good news, these tips don't work with iOS 8!

It makes sense, but you might as well write it in black and white. Some of these tips can apply to all mobile platforms on the market. If you have an Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry OS phone, there's nothing stopping you from setting them up.

Thanks to these few tips, my Z3 manages to exceed the three days of autonomy.

And you, by the way, what's your personal best?

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