9 gadgets and accessories to take on vacation

9 gadgets and accessories to take on vacation

In today's world, it is very easy to find all kinds of gadgets that will take over your life. How do you know which ones, however, you can't get rid of even when you go on vacation? It is very possible that some of the following examples will help you get everything you can from your arsenal of "technical friends".

Electronic devices of all kinds help us to get through each day well, faster and safer, helping to complete those small daily tasks that anyone can do without. More and more objects of this kind bring innovations that you will use, without too much difficulty, even when you are not at home.

From smart luggage to solar batteries, they can all benefit you, but which are the easiest to take with you when you go to an island with sun, bright beaches or mountains? Here are some options you can throw in your travel bag.

9 gadgets and accessories to take on vacation

Wi-Fi hotspot with built-in power bank

When you do not want in any way to completely detach yourself from the Internet and social networks, in order not to find yourself unable to check any account or email, you will find such a gadget that incorporates a battery that you you can use it to recharge your phone if needed.

Its main purpose is to provide you with Wi-Fi internet using a SIM card with data, either purchased locally or with embedded data. It is not large and proves useful in the most isolating situations.


When you are an adventurous person and you want to have at hand a mobile camera, which records from an interesting perspective the events you go through or is almost an option to get new images and memories, a small drone, which does not weigh too much and is not bulky can be successfully "thrown" in luggage. Thus, you can develop a passion for filmography, capturing wonderful shots from the places you visit.

Water purifier bottle

Most of the problems faced by travelers and tourists are caused by contaminated water, which means that a purification system will be useful, especially when you know that you will walk a lot and may need water, but you do not have opportunities in to buy bottled products.

A purifying bottle is all the more important when visiting countries with difficult environmental conditions, such as Central America, Africa or Asia, where tap water can produce unwanted bodily effects. Although you can take a few hundred lei out of your pocket for such a device, it can become a reliable help when you prefer adventures in less popular places.

Bluetooth speaker

In order to be able to listen to music anytime and anywhere, a small fun but powerful device, like a speaker, will be helpful. The sound quality is not poor at all, although most of the time you are dealing with tiny speakers.

You have options such as voice control, gestures or resistance to water, dust or splashes, which can help you enjoy your favorite sounds in any conditions. In addition, you will have at least a few hours of volume, given the durable batteries, found even in the smallest options on the market.

9 gadgets and accessories to take on vacation

Fitness watch

With the help of a bracelet that reads your pulse or provides weather data, it can be easier for you to get through any day. And when you're on vacation and you don't want to just sit on your phone, but still be notified when you receive a message or email, a smartwatch will become an interesting and always helpful option, existing in both simple and inexpensive formulas. , as well as variants from famous brands, for which you can take several hundred lei out of your pocket.

Universal socket adapter

If you have gone to another country at least once, you may have faced the problem of plugs and the lack of adapters to work in them. And, in order not to spend amounts that you can use in much more fun ways than on transformers for your phone or laptop, an extremely useful gadget will be a universal socket adapter.

Some may be different from the examples you find on websites and in guides, while others will be old and badly made, coming off after only a day or two of use. With your own home adapter, in which you can invest a little, you get rid of such problems. And most of the universal models you find in stores can help you in any circumstance.

Noise canceling headphones

One of the best investments an adventurer can make is a good pair of headphones that have a noise canceling function. These will be helpful when you are on the plane, and in the car (if you do not drive), allowing you to relax more easily.

Headphones of this kind make it easier to calm down in stressful situations, allow you to sleep without waking up and signal to other passengers that you are not willing to socialize.

The eReader

To read when you are on vacation, but without carrying all kinds of books, you have at hand the best eBook reader ready to bring before your eyes your favorite lines, whether you prefer to read something lightly in a hammock, in time what you relax or in the evening, before bed. It is a favorable option instead of a tablet for a lover of letters, and it does not cost much. Rather, you will need an application or books in PDF format that you can discover at will.

9 gadgets and accessories to take on vacation

Power bank

The reliable friend for any nature walk or exploration in urban or historic areas is a battery that helps the phone to maintain its autonomy, especially when you need GPS, but you also listen to music on headphones. You will find all kinds of options on the market, from the small and light ones, which can be attached even to the belt, to much more powerful and heavy versions, which you will carry more comfortably in your backpack.

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