9 things to know about ethereum

9 things to know about ethereum

The Ethereum virtual currency is more and more sought after and used, which is why we thought of offering you some information about it.

What is Ethereum

This term is used to define a platform that runs decentralized applications built and launched by users and is used to run smart contacts, the latter being computer codes that run on the blockchain and contribute to the exchange of money, properties, actions etc.

Ethereum is a project owned and manipulated by several people, which is why all users can get a code and see what is happening.

Ether cryptocurrency

In order to work, this system needs a virtual currency. This is called Ether and can be used to make payments within the network. It is listed under the ETH code.

Many people use the name Ethereum when referring to the cryptocurrency of this platform, which is wrong.

9 things to know about ethereum

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