A Chrome extension to find old Google icons

Are you one of those people who doesn't like Google's new icons? Note that there is an extension that allows you to bypass this change and thus restore the old visual elements of the number one search engine.

To the surprise of Internet users, Google recently changed the visual identity of its services. Normally, for reputable services like his, a change means something better, but that is obviously not the case for this touch-up that the firm carried out last month. Many people find the new icons too difficult to distinguish because of their more or less similar colors and shapes. Others believe the redesign has resulted in a loss of character. In short, this change in appearance that the internet giant has made is not unanimous.

A Chrome extension to find old Google icons

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Fortunately, a designer by the name Claudio Postinghel has thought of those who are disappointed.

An extension to restore old Google icons

As Ubergizmo tells us , Postinghel has created an extension that helps prevent the frustrations that can be caused by having to see these new Google icons on your screen. Available only for the time being for Chrome, the tool is practical in that it allows you to restore the classic icons, that is to say the visual elements that represented the services of Google before the modification.

Easy to use, the extension is available on this page of the Chrome web store for users of Google's web browser. For users of other web browsers, know that the designer claimed to work on a Firefox version.

Only the icons of the Google tab are affected

It's nice to learn that this Postinghel extension allows us to find the old icons of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Hangouts. It should be noted, however, that it is only able to edit the icons on the Google tab. Suffice to say that when you open a page, you will always see the new icon.

The goal of the creator of the extension is therefore above all to help us easily distinguish Google services when we have to do different tasks in front of us.

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