A Galaxy Note 20 FE instead of a Galaxy Note 21?

Samsung may be planning to launch a Galaxy Note this year, but it won't necessarily be what we think it is.

Does Samsung intend to put a definitive end to the Galaxy Note range? Many are convinced , but the company, for its part, has indicated that it intends to launch a new dedicated device this year. It might not be the Galaxy Note 21, however.

A Galaxy Note 20 FE instead of a Galaxy Note 21?

In any case, this is the thesis defended by Ross Young, the founder of the famous DisplayMate.

A Galaxy Note 20 FE to replace the Galaxy Note 21?

Leaving a little of his prerogatives, the latter indeed published at the end of last week a tweet in which he evokes the next phablet with stylus of the Korean brand.

According to him, this famous phablet could therefore have a somewhat particular positioning. Instead of launching a Galaxy Note 21, the brand could indeed be satisfied with a Galaxy Note 20 FE, the idea being ultimately to satisfy the fans while leaving room for its new flagships, the Galaxy S21.

And still according to Ross Young, this strategy could pay off and allow the company to sell more devices than the time of the Galaxy S10, which had been very successful at the time.

A way to make room for the Galaxy S21

These lines may leave you wondering, but it should still be noted that the Galaxy S21 marks a break in the history of the range. Samsung has indeed chosen to make the Galaxy S21 Ultra compatible with S Pen styluses, which is a first.

As a result, and since the diagonals of these devices are similar to those of the Galaxy Note, it is reasonable to ask if the brand still needs this family of products. Even more insofar as it has greatly expanded its range of folding smartphones.

However, it will take a few more months to be fixed. If Samsung respects the usual schedule, this Galaxy Note 20 FE could indeed be presented this summer.

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