A Mac Mini Pro will appear on the market this year?

Apple could according to Bloomberg launch a Mac Mini Pro in the coming years. Specially designed for professionals and companies, this new computer would mark the rebirth of the range.

In fact, our colleagues allude to several different products in their article. Mark Gurman and Debby Wu think that the firm will take advantage of the end of the year to diversify its ranges and launch several devices targeting very specific segments.

A Mac Mini Pro will appear on the market this year?

They allude in particular to a new laptop positioned in a more reasonable price segment.

A low cost MacBook Air Retina before the end of the year?

According to them, this Mac should take the frame of the current MacBook Air while offering a Retina screen framed by very thin borders. Thanks to this feature, the computer should be able to embed a 13-inch panel in a more compact chassis than that of the ultrabook currently in the brand's catalog.

Assuming this info is true then that also means that the price of this machine should be lower than that of the MacBook.

If this is the case, then this new Mac could be offered under the bar of 1000 € in France.

Still according to the same source, this new machine should be presented to the world before the end of the year. What seems to confirm the information raised by TrendForce.

And a Mac Mini Pro as a bonus?

Apple is said to be working on another computer in parallel, this time positioning itself in a sedentary segment. Small and compact, it would offer a footprint close to that of the Mac Mini while targeting a more professional market. Once again, the firm intends to offer it at an affordable price. Bloomberg thus reports a selling price of around $ 500 for the base model.

On the other hand, this Mac Mini Pro would be delivered without a screen, of course, but also without a keyboard and a mouse. Even more surprisingly, the launch of this product is expected to occur within the next four years and therefore it is unlikely to be presented in 2018.

Apple has always claimed a high-end image and applied extremely expensive prices. Tim Cook therefore seems to want to change his strategy.

At least assuming the Bloomberg news is true.

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