A Mac Pro during WWDC 2021?

Apple may not focus solely on its new platforms during WWDC 2019. According to Bloomberg , the company also intends to unveil a new Mac Pro .

WWDC is aimed primarily at developers and this annual conference aims to present them the latest innovations to the platforms and development kits of the firm.

A Mac Pro During Wwdc 2019

This year should be no exception to the rule and Apple may well focus on iOS 13, but also on the latest versions of macOS, tvOS or watchOS.

A new Mac Pro for WWDC 2019?

However, according to Bloomberg sources, the brand would also have a surprise in store for its business customers, a surprise that should come in the form of a brand new Mac Pro.

If you know a little about the lineup, then you know that the Mac Pro has experienced all and all two generations. The first came in the form of fairly conventional central units. The first model was released in 2006, but it was updated in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Then, Apple did not present anything for three years before returning to the fore in December 2013 with a Mac Pro in the form of an aluminum cylindrical tower. A tower powered by very large Xeon processors and sold at a high price, of course.

At first, this Mac Pro was very successful, but the hype quickly subsided when users realized that it was impossible to evolve the machine.

And a 6K screen as a bonus

In 2017, Apple then revealed that its designers and engineers were working on a Mac Pro with an all-new design.

Well if we are to believe Bloomberg, this famous Mac Pro could be unveiled during WWDC 2019, and therefore from June 3.

Our colleagues also think that the manufacturer will not be limited to this single announcement and they expect it to return to its new screen, a screen which should according to the latest rumors to ship a screen of 31.6 inches for a definition in 6K and with an integrated backlighting system.

On paper, these rumors are very enticing, but it's probably best not to get carried away too quickly.

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