A MacBook Air with Retina display for WWDC 2021?

Apple could take advantage of WWDC 2018 to introduce a new MacBook Air equipped this time with a Retina display. In any case, this is what an analyst's report seems to suggest.

The analyst in question works for Digitimes Research and this detail is of course very far from trivial since the latter is unfortunately not known for its reliability. In the past, this firm has indeed often knocked on the side and caution is therefore required.

A MacBook Air with Retina display for WWDC 2021?

According to Jim Hsiao, Apple has been working for several months – and in the greatest secrecy – on a new version of the MacBook Air.

A MacBook Air Retina in ambush?

If the latter should inherit a chassis relatively close to the current model, it could however be entitled to a brand new panel offering a much better definition.

According to this analyst, the 2018 MacBook Air should indeed be able to display a definition tending towards QHD and more precisely 2560 x 1600. If this information is verified, then it would be a very nice step forward since the current model does not exceed 1440 x 900.

Jim Hsiao also learned that the firm had tried to reduce the cost of manufacturing its machine by turning to a Chinese supplier. However, the slabs of the latter would have posed many problems for her and she would have finally chosen to rely on the expertise and know-how of the essential LG.

A presentation for WWDC 2018

LG Display would therefore be responsible for manufacturing the panels for the MacBook Air and production of the latter should start in April. The assembly would be scheduled for its part between the end of May and the beginning of June, with the following distribution: 70% at Quantar and 30% at Foxconn.

Apple would then intend to take advantage of WWDC 2018 to lift the veil on its new machine, a machine aimed at students. Still according to the same source, the manufacturer intends to sell six million units this year. Digitimes believes, however, that the firm will not manage to sell more than 4 million units given the lack of innovation and novelty provided by this machine.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that we have heard of this new MacBook Air, and previous rumors even mentioned a selling price below the 1000 € mark.

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