A MacBook at the heart of a strange affair linked to the US presidential elections

In the United States, the presidential elections are fast approaching. The rag continues to burn between former US Vice President Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump. Indeed, the two camps do not hesitate to put sticks in the wheels to turn the tide in their favor.

In the middle of the campaign, the image of Joe Biden suffered from the Ukrainian affair which involved his son, Hunter Biden. More recently, the opposing camp shot down a new card that allowed it to publicly disclose compromising information about the Democratic Party candidate and his son.

A MacBook at the heart of a strange affair linked to the US presidential elections
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These new things were discovered in a discontinued MacBook Pro.

A discovery dating back to 2019

According to our colleagues at the New York Post, the MacBook Pro that contained this information was dropped off at a repairer in a Delaware store in 2019. Despite the water damage, the latter was able to recover the data that was in in its hard drive.

After the repair, he was surprised to find that no one had come to claim the MacBook that had a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on it. While he thought that nobody cared about this PC anymore, the repairman received a visit from the FBI in December 2019 who came to collect it.

Information that puts the Biden clan in an awkward situation

Before the MacBook seized, the repairman had time to back up the data that was in the hard drive. What he discovered while examining it risks tainting the reputation of the Biden clan once again. These documents then fell into the hands of Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York who is now a close advisor to Donald Trump.

The information in his possession soon made headlines in the New York Post. In particular, we learn that the data in the MacBook included photos and videos showing Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine and having sex with a woman. According to a publication by Rudy Giuliani on Twitter, the hard drive would also have contained elements which prove that Joe Biden would have lied about the Ukrainian affair.

Apart from the New York Post, no other American media wanted to relay the story of this MacBook. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are also doing their best to gloss over the matter, due to its questionable nature. The allegations communicated are in fact not accompanied by any evidence.


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