A microsoft black surface will be available before the end of the year?

Microsoft is reportedly considering launching a Black Surface before the end of the year. In any case, this is what the German site windowsunited.de claims .

The Redmond firm unveiled the Surface Go last July in the hope of making a place for itself in the world of low cost tablets. In fact, it is more precisely a small hybrid PC positioned on the entry level. Designed for education, the Surface Go promises to be a competitor to the iPad presented by Apple last March, but also education-oriented Chromebooks. And it seems that the publisher still has surprises in store for us relating to the Surface range for the year 2018. Windowsunited does indeed believe that a black Surface could emerge before the end of the year. As usual, this is a simple guess. Hence the need to remain cautious.

A Black Surface Before The End Of The Year

In any case, it remains interesting to know that Microsoft could introduce a new color in its range of 2-in-1 tablets. Especially since, like the MacBook, Surface products enjoy a good brand image.

A black surface to better appeal to consumers

No one is unaware that black gives a product a high-end image. From Samsung to Apple and Xiaomi, to name just these brands, all of them offer smartphones, tablets and computers adopting a dark tint in order to give them a certain elegance.

It would therefore not be surprising to see Microsoft offer a black Surface to better attract buyers.

You should know that the first rumors about slate emerged following the appearance on the Web of a photo of a black product that recalls the lines of the Surface range. The rendering came in particular from Intel which confirmed a few days after that it was a simple coincidence.

The black surface becomes clearer

According to the German site, sources close to Microsoft would have spoken of a possible launch of a Black Surface during this year. Admittedly, the launch date seems unclear, but the product could arrive earlier in order to take advantage of the purchases caused by the holiday season. It remains to be seen whether this so-called slate will really live up to our expectations, especially in terms of the technical sheet.

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