This $299 watch is stylish, has GPS along with a heart rate monitor. It permits you to answer calls and emails directly from your wrist. You should seriously consider this device if you’re looking for a smartwatch you can use both in and outside of the gym. Fitness-minded Android smartphone owners are going to get a lot to like at the $299 Samsung Gear Sport. Not only is it an attractive watch, but it does a fantastic job of tracking your workouts.

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Considering that the vital focus of the Samsung sport watch is all about producing a more streamlined device, it’s heavier than the versions from past years. We’re not talking massive differences.It’s almost 10 g heavier and you may feel that on the wrist. It is very well-made too. You know when you pick it up that you are getting a timepiece that is costing a little more. Like some smartwatches available on the market, the Gear Sport uses a 20mm strap. You’ll want a silicone one for the gym but might want to switch to a leather one if you are going out for dinner, for instance. The resolution is 360×360 that is adequate enough to supply a crisp image — 302ppi. And Samsung sticks to its preferred Super AMOLED technology so there’s excellent contrast and colors.

Smartwatch inner specs are still nothing to get excited about and haven’t changed much over the past couple of years. The watch automatically finds  if you are walking or running. but to use GPS, you need to manually begin a workout. With Samsung’s own Health app, you may select among running, walking, cycling and swimming. During a workout, you can change between three screens that show information like your pace. The heart rate, time elapsed and much more. The Gear Sport is a nice smartwatch – but fine in the sense of ordinary, not lavish. It does almost exactly what its predecessor does in a somewhat shinier and more water-resistant. With the older version disappearing from the shelves.this remains a strong Samsung watch… but maybe not much of a step ahead from other versions.

What can the Samsung gear sport do?

According to samsung review, the Samsung Gear Sport is a solid smartwatch and offers you a lot of features. You can track different workouts along with your daily steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and the duration and quality of sleep. And also it is water resistant.

Is Samsung gear sport accurate?

Like any other wrist-worn heart rate monitor, the Sport isn’t going to be as accurate as a chest strap or other methods and should not be relied on for any clinical purposes.

Can Samsung Gear Sport answer calls?

Yes, it can. Press and drag the accept call icon right to answer the call on your phone. To answer a call, your smartwatch needs to be connected to your phone.

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