A modular surface approaching?

This week, Microsoft unveiled a number of products in the Surface line . The company notably introduced the Surface Pro 6, the Surface Laptop 2, the updated Surface Studio 2 and new Surface headphones. The latter particularly stood out from other products. During an interview with The Verge, Panos Panay, the current vice president of the Microsoft group revealed that the headset is part of a new project which is to "complete the Surface experience".

Remember that this is Surface's very first Bluetooth headset. We have many reasons to believe that the firm will now push its projects in various fields. It's even possible that a “ Modular Surface ” is coming soon.

A Modular Surface Approaching

According to Panay, Microsoft's future lies in modular products like the Surface Hub 2 and its new headphones.

A close mix between products and software

Panay talked about the Surface Hub 2's webcam USB-C port during his interview with The Verge.

Look at the Surface Hub 2 camera, notice it's a USB-C based camera and we can think of a high fidelity camera, you can probably guess that's going to happen.

Is it completing an experience or taking the next level of an experience to something you wanted, even if it's not Surface? I watched it all. Although I am not announcing a new product, I think it is important. I really think the completion of the experiment is our conception of Microsoft to be hardware and software. "

Surface Hub 2: a perfect example of Microsoft's projects

Thus, Microsoft was working on a reconciliation between hardware and software. Indeed, the software giant has already tried to combine devices such as OneNote with a Surface Pen.

However, the Surface Hub 2 is the best example of what Microsoft really intends to do with hardware and software.

The latter has a modular design. By replacing its processor cartridge, you can turn it into a Surface Studio.

Thus, you have the possibility of having several products in one.

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