A new interface for Skype on Windows and on OS X

Skype is used by millions of people around the world and you might be one of those who can't live without it anymore. Like my grandfather. Well, and still it is a good thing because Microsoft has just rolled out a new version of its tool on Windows , and on OS X. With a new interface as a bonus, obviously. And if you want to know more, you couldn't be better.

In life, nothing is ever acquired and everything can disappear overnight. If Skype has reigned for years in the videoconferencing sector, it must now face very strong competition, and determined to do battle.

A New Interface For Skype On Windows And On Os X

The main Skype window.

There is no lack of alternatives, in fact, and even less so on our mobile terminals. Between Snapchat, Whatsapp, Hangouts and all the others, there is plenty to do and it is precisely for this reason that Microsoft cannot fall asleep on its laurels.

Operation seduction for Skype

The publisher seems to be well aware of this and has just launched a new version of its application, a version redesigned for the occasion. As mentioned a little above, if it does not reinvent the wheel, it at least has the merit of offering a new interface that is more current, more modern and, above all, emphasizing the content shared through it.

The window is therefore structured around four distinct areas.

At the top, we will always find a button displaying the user's credits and the search field, with a button allowing the numeric keypad to appear to dial a new number.

The navigation system of the application is hung on the left, in a sidebar. Through him, we will be able to return to the reception, display our contacts and even display the list of the last people we contacted. The content of the right part will obviously depend on where we are. However, when we make a call, it is here that our interlocutor's paper clip will appear. With another sidebar, this time located on the right.

What is it for ? To send text messages to our correspondent, even if we are talking to him. It's not bad and the fun thing is that it will even be possible to attach additional attachments. Like photos, for example.

Will this be enough? I don't know but it can't hurt the tool anyway.

If you want to test this new version, all you have to do is take a look at the solution site .

A New Interface For Skype On Windows And On Os X 1

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