A new MacBook Air available in September 2021?

TrendForce has just released a new report on laptop computer sales. Thanks to this document, we know that Apple plans to launch a new MacBook Air at the end of the third quarter of 2018.

As usual, the famous market research firm TrendForce gives us its latest findings on sales of notebooks and the situation of brands operating in this sector. In general, sales were quite satisfactory during the second quarter, whether quarter to quarter or year to year. Indeed, with an increase of 10.2% compared to the previous quarter and 2.8% compared to the same period in 2017, the figures went beyond forecasts. Admittedly, the report suggests Apple's decline in the ranking of manufacturers who have sold the most products, but it reveals a major clue on the future of MacBook Air.

A new MacBook Air available in September 2021?

TrendForce notably suggests that Apple has dropped to sixth place with a market share of only 6.5%.

Soon a new Apple laptop?

According to the research firm, this decline in market share of the Cupertino company is due to the efforts devoted to the preparation of the new MacBooks of the year during the second quarter. Therefore, the firm should now be able to redress the bar.

The MacBook Pro it showcased at the start of the quarter should only be the start as the report looks at the release of a new MacBook at the end of the third quarter, which is September. The least that can be said is that this information is sure to delight fans, especially those who have a weakness for laptops from the American manufacturer.

A ranking dominated by HP

In the second quarter of 2018, HP once again dominated the ranking of the brands that sold the most laptops worldwide. The manufacturer has benefited in particular from the growth in shipments of its Chromebooks and laptops for the general public. Quarter over quarter, HP sales grew 19.7% to 10.77 million units, representing 26.2% of the global market.

Lenovo is awarded second place on the podium with a 20% share. It is followed by Dell and its 19.6%. This is just ahead of Acer, which has a global market share of 8%. Asus, for its part, occupies the fifth position with a share of 7.4%. Regarding Apple, the release of this new MacBook Air should be able to help it improve its situation.

Moreover, we can say that the launch is really imminent insofar as, according to one of our sources, the employees of Darty have been ordered to empty their stocks of MacBook Air. A measure that was undoubtedly pronounced in order to better welcome the newcomer.

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