A new MacBook and a MacBook Pro under Apple Silicon on November 10?

Apple announced yesterday and to everyone's surprise the holding of a new Keynote on November 10. Speculation is rife, of course, but most observers agree that the first Macs running Apple Silicon should be presented during this event. But what will they really be?

This is the question that everyone arises and this is the question that Mark Gurman and Debby Wu of Bloomberg , tried to answer in their latest item in common.

A Macbook And A Macbook Pro Under Apple Silicon On November 10
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And according to them, we should expect to see two different ranges emerge under Apple Silicon.

A MacBook and MacBook Pros running Apple Silicon?

Unsurprisingly, the MacBook would be among the first to take the plunge. Cut out for nomadic uses, the latter seems indeed rather well suited to the game, especially since it has disappeared from radar for a few years in favor of the MacBook Air.

But Apple shouldn't stop there. According to the two journalists mentioned above, the MacBook Pros should also take the plunge! The company should therefore unveil on the occasion of its next Keynote a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 16-inch MacBook Pro under Apple Silicon. The whole question is of course whether the pros will respond.

On the other hand, the Bloomberg article also points to the fact that there would be no question of a design change. Apple would thus have chosen to focus on the components of these new computers and these MacBook and MacBook Pro under Apple Silicon would thus resemble in every way the models that we know.

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Wait or rush, that is the question

So of course, all these rumors raise a lot of questions. Change of architecture requires, editors will also have to take into account the Apple Silicon and offer patches to make their tools compatible with this new chip.

In this context, one can obviously wonder if the pros really have an interest in switching to this new architecture now. Prudence would dictate that they wait at least a year or two before taking the plunge, but we imagine that many of them will not be able to help but take a first step in this direction this year.

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As a reminder, the next Apple Keynote will be held on November 10 at 7 p.m. in France. Called “one more thing”, it should in all likelihood focus on Macs running Apple Silicon, but it is also possible that the company will take the opportunity to present the AirPods Studio and AirTags … as well as a new Mac Pro .

But that, we talk about it again very very quickly.

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