A participatory Pokémon game broadcast live on… a Twitter avatar

We would like to say that we had to think about it but it would be hard to know where to start: a Twitter user has just set up a funny concept on the social network: an interactive part of Pokémon Red transcribed in the avatar of his profile , updated every 15 seconds …

It is to Constantin Liétard, developer within the Gameloft studio, that we owe this incongruous idea.

A participatory Pokémon game broadcast live on… a Twitter avatar

One day I'll be better Twittos

Twitter users can thus interact live with the progress of the game by responding to the tweet with the desired command (to choose between A, B, up, down, left, right, Start and Select) – the response having received the most Feedback will then be sent to the game, and an avatar update shows the progress in near-real time: every 15 seconds. Those determined to see the trainer arrive at the Pokémon League can already discuss strategy on the official discord server set up by Liétard. However, it will take patience before seeing the 151 captured Pokémon – this wild “ Twitter Plays Pokémon ” turns out to be more complicated than its ancestor …

It will be necessary to hang on before cashing in the following date: almost 7 years ago (!) The first instance of the famous Twitch Plays Pokémon phenomenon took place – nicely dubbed as an apostériori social experience, it was about the place a participatory game stream on the Twitch site. The concept was simple: a game of Pokémon Red where spectators themselves entered the commands transmitted to the game emulator through the chat window. A nice organized chaos thus settled over 16 consecutive days from February 12, 2014 until the end of the game in a remarkable community effort.

To this day, this stream still holds the Guinness World Record for “ most participants in a single player online game ” with 1,164,140 different users. Many other streamers took advantage of the success of this participatory run to offer their own versions of Twitch Plays on other video games, with a dedicated category on Twitch for this purpose.