A Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 on the way?

Recently, TechRadar reported to us that information has leaked about the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2. Specifically, rumors have circulated that the South Korean giant is behind the scenes preparing a successor to its Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. The new leak seems to corroborate this claim since it gives us an idea of the specifications of the new computer as well as its potential price.

It was tipster WalkingCat, or @ _h0x0d_ who broke the news on social network Twitter. There he shared some sort of promotional slide for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2.

A Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 on the way?
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Apparently, Samsung's new device will be the first Chromebook to feature a QLED display, a technology Samsung already employs on its high-end TVs that will give them superior brightness and contrast.

A cheaper price for the successor to the Galaxy Chromebook?

According to information from TechRadar, Samsung Galaxy 2 coming Chromebook will present a 13.3-inch screen and an Intel 10 processor generation. The Galaxy Chromebook 2 would also stand out with “premium sound”, an ultra-slim design, as well as its battery life which can last more than 12 hours.

Regarding the price, the leak attests that the Chromebook 2 will be displayed at 699 euros, which places it below the price of the first model of Galaxy Chromebook which is sold at 999 dollars. However, TechRadar cautions us that this listed price might just be an introductory price.

Is Samsung looking to appeal to budget buyers with its Chromebooks?

Thus, the price of these Galaxy Chromebook 2 could quickly increase as was the case with the Google Pixelbook Go, the price of which varies according to the processor and the memory with which you want to equip your computer. But from another perspective, it could also be that Samsung really wants to attract budget buyers with its Chromebooks.

In any case, we will probably know more in the coming weeks since Samsung should officially present the Galaxy Chromebook 2 next February. In any case, we can't wait to find out what other surprises Samsung has in store for us with this new device.

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