A Surface Pro 6 for 2019, with a whole new design?

According to the new rumors, the Surface Pro 6 could land in the middle of next year. Moreover, the tablet may offer a design "deeply redesigned".

Microsoft's tablets continue to be talked about. Proof that a large number of people are interested in these products, despite the fact that the manufacturer is less dynamic than Apple in terms of launch. Today, we learned from Phonearena that the Windows editor is preparing the Surface Pro 6, whose code name is "Carmel". The report on which the specialized site was based also mentioned that the device would be powered by Windows 10 Pro. Which shouldn't be surprising.

A Surface Pro 6 For 2019 With A Whole New Design

However, another major piece of information caught our attention. Indeed, it would seem that this is a product with a new design.

A USB Type-C port for the Surface Pro 6?

Still according to our source, the next version of Microsoft's tablet may have a USB Type-C port based on that of the Surface Book 2. However, some specialists believe that the firm could continue to offer the connector dedicated to its range. Surface in the coming months.

Note that it is also rumored on the web that the Redmond firm is preparing to launch low-cost tablets intended to compete with the Apple iPad. These devices could be sold for around $ 400.

Currently known under the code name " Lex ", they are expected with a 10 inch screen and an Intel processor.

In addition, they weigh 20% less than the Surface Pro 5 th generation. On the other hand, their autonomy would be only 9.5 hours. And like the Surface Pro 6, they might come with a USB Type-C plug.

An Intel processor for the Surface Pro 6?

Aside from the information cited above, it's worth mentioning that like the low-cost slates that are supposed to be unveiled soon, the Surface Pro 6 could carry an Intel processor.

Pending the announcement of the product, according to always Phonearena, Microsoft would consider launching an updated version of the Surface Pro 5, and this, after the arrival of the device with the code name "Lex".

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