A Surface under Snapdragon 845 for next year?

Microsoft has made a strategic merger towards Qualcomm in recent weeks for the launch of their new range of nomadic PCs. According to some sources, this partnership could eventually extend to the company's hybrid machines.

Microsoft has worked with Intel chips for a long time, but that all changed with the advent of the “Always Connected” program.

A Surface Under Snapdragon 845 For Next Year

In order to develop permanently connected PCs, the American giant has chosen to approach another very prominent founder in the mobility market, namely Qualcomm.

Microsoft could launch a Surface under Snapdragon 845

This partnership was rather prolific and it thusled to the creation and the marketing of two machines, machines developed by the manufacturers HP and Asus.

Microsoft would not intend to stop there, however, and some sources expect the Redmond company to reward us in the near future with a Surface powered by a Snapdragon 845.

This information does not come from the sky. While browsing online, WinFuture actually came across a recruitment ad placed by Microsoft, an ad targeting an engineer capable of integrating components produced by Qualcomm. Better, in the prerequisites mentioned in the announcement, the manufacturer indicates that the person recruited will have to be able to manage the integration of the Snapdragon 835 in the next devices of the American brand. It also mentions skills relating to the SDM845 and therefore to the Snapdragon 845.

It all started with a job offer

What can we deduce from this? Quite simply, Microsoft intends to continue its partnership with Qualcomm and to use the latter's chips in its own devices and therefore in the next Surface.

For the moment, nothing seems to have taken place yet, of course, but these chips would have their place in the successor of the Surface 3 for example. Launched in 2015, the latter has not been replaced and Microsoft has preferred to focus during the following years on the Surface Pro and Surface Book.

And then, of course, it's also very difficult not to think of the Surface Phone when reading these few lines. If the latter hasn't been confirmed by Microsoft and we haven't found any proof of its existence, it still fuels conversations and this job posting has a good chance of bringing the matter back to the table.

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