A theoretical particle to create an impossible to hack quantum computer

The US Army would have discovered in 2017 a theoretical particle that would allow the design of a quantum computer impossible to hack. Right now, the US military plans to use the revealing signature of this particle to build a tamper-proof computer.

To make this discovery, the US military funded studies conducted by a group of researchers from UC Irvine, UCLA and Stanford universities. Scientists had announced that they had found the first solid proof for the existence of the Majorana fermion, an elusive particle theorized 80 years ago.

A Theoretical Particle To Create An Impossible To Hack Quantum Computer

In a statement released on April 16, 2018, the US military announced that it was considering deploying theMajorana fermion against cyberattacks.

A key component of quantum computers

According to the US military, this element will be essential to create quantum computers that will be used to analyze military data. Fermion Majorana will be the basis of quantum computing that will be virtually impossible to decipher, as it will be able to store data without succumbing to electromagnetic interference.

On top of that, any intruder into an army-controlled quantum system would be unable to access system data without corrupting it and alerting the military of the intrusion. The US military plans to use Majorana particles as qubits (fundamental unit of data in a quantum computer, similar to a bit) in topological quantum computers.

Majorana's fermion, essential

Thanks to Majorana's fermion, the military will be able to create topological quantum computers that will be error tolerant rather than correcting each time the errors encountered as explained by Kang Wang, professor of electrical engineering at UCLA. “ Imagine the data bits in standard computers are like cars traveling back and forth on a two-lane highway. "

A quantum computer could have multiple lanes and multiple levels of traffic, and cars could jump between levels and travel in both directions at the same time, in each lane and on each level. »Explains Kang Wang.

According to him, the military needs stable, armored quantum "cars" to achieve such feats and the Majorana particles are such "supercars." This represents a step forward for the US in the race for quantum computing.

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