A treasure consisting of 4 gold coins and thousands of silver coins recently discovered in Hungary

Archaeologists recently discovered a treasure made up of gold and silver coins in Hungary. After the discovery of 150 ancient coins in 2019, it was on the same farm located in the village of Újlengyel (about 50 kilometers south-east of Budapest), that archaeologists found this new treasure at the end of December. .

After digging in a small well, the team unearthed a kind of broken vase containing thousands of ancient coins scattered around the well. A collection made up of 7,000 silver coins and four gold coins , probably buried there around 1520 according to archaeologists.

A treasure consisting of 4 gold coins and thousands of silver coins recently discovered in Hungary

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This treasure was certainly buried by panicked Hungarians during the Ottoman Empire's incursions in the 16th century. The Ferenczy Museum (Hungary) intends to conduct further exploration on this site in search of other historical treasures.

Valuable silver and gold coins issued under different reigns

The oldest piece of this treasure is a Roman silver denarius dating from the reign of the Roman Emperor Lucius Verus (161 to 169 AD), while the most recent coins date from the time. in which Louis II ruled Hungary and Bohemia (1516 to 1526).

The four gold coins were actually hidden in a cloth that served as a lining for the vessel containing the treasure. These gold coins apparently date from the reign of Matthias I who was King of Hungary from 1458 to 1490. This collection also includes other rare coins, including a coin produced during the time of Pope Pius (1458 to 1464) as well as coins in silver dating from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Witnesses to a sad event that changed history in Hungary

According to archaeologists, these pieces were probably buried by the Hungarians while they were facing an attack from the Ottoman Empire in 1526. And this is a momentous find, because one rarely finds in Hungary contemporary treasures to the devastation Turkish after the Battle of Mohács.

As a reminder, the Battle of Mohács, a sad event in Hungarian history, took place on August 29, 1526 . The Ottoman Empire then ruled by Suleiman the Magnificent defeated Hungary and their allies. This battle ended the Hungarian monarchy and gave birth to Turkish and Habsburg rule over the region.

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