A Windows 10 PC based on a Snapdragon 835, is expected this winter

The SoC ( System on a Chip ) having greatly gained in power in recent years, we wondered when the idea would come to the various market players to equip PCs running Windows 10 . A question which had not remained in abeyance for very long, Microsoft having taken advantage of its conference at WinHEC (last December) to present a machine running Windows 10 Enterprise, powered by a Snapdragon 820. But since then, no news had not reached our delicate ears …

The rest of the story finally arrives in mid-April, but from the mouth of Steve Mollenkopf – CEO of Qualcomm – who announced that a first Windows 10 PC running on a Snapdragon 835 base (new high-end chip from Qualcomm presented in January in Las Vegas) was indeed in the boxes.

A Windows 10 Pc Based On A Snapdragon 835 Is Expected This Winter

Qualcomm is preparing a nice surprise for the fourth quarter of 2017, with a Windows 10 PC based on a Snapdragon 835 SoC. A first for the OS.

Expected for the last quarter of 2017, this laptop of the future stewed in the greatest of secrets could well change the market, and why not disrupt Intel's hegemony in the market (AMD is still behind on the market for the time being. laptop sector).

Qualcomm on the way to walk on Intel's flowerbeds?

Steve Mollenkopf does not really hide his intentions to shake up Intel (even if Brian Krzanich's firm is not clearly named), whether in the laptop market or in the server market.

This is what he explained in these words: “ We have the opportunity to disrupt the supplier market [of chips] for PCs and servers. Our Snapdragon 835 will be exported to Windows 10 laptops starting in the fourth quarter of this year. In the server field, we are working with Microsoft, and have demonstrated that we are able to run Windows Server on one of our Centriq 10nm processors. The first 10nm processor dedicated to servers.

In the meantime, it is clear that Windows 10 does indeed seem to get along very well with Qualcomm's chips. A cordial understanding which is however based on a small cheat: the version of Windows 10 used is a version adapted to this new support, able in fact to emulate the classic applications – reserved for x86 processors – to make them compatible with the game of 'Snapdragon ARM instruction.

It remains to be seen which of Microsoft's partners (HP, Lenovo, Dell…) will be the first to use this new proposal made by Qualcomm, and above all what form will this famous PC take… Ultrabook, tablet or hybrid? Only the future will tell us.

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