Acnecide review

Acnecide Gel Spot Treatment contain Benzoyl Peroxide 30g. This acne cure seems to work on many cases within a week or less. Like any spot treatment medicine it’s used for bacteria  removal.

Acnecide Review
Acnecide 5% gel review

How long does it take for Acnecide to work?

It will normally need at least 5 weeks of applying this medicine for your acne to improve, so it’s important to persevere with using it and be patient. If you haven’t seen any improvement after 8 weeks of treatment you should ask for doctor help.

Acnecide 5 Gel Reviews
acnecide 5 gel reviews

How long do you leave Acnecide gel on for?

It was created to be left on the face for about 2 minutes maximum after that you need to rinse off with cold water.

Acnecide Gel Review
Acnecide Gel review

Here are feew customer reviews:

  • Treatment works within a week after 2 weeks my skin is completely clear. I use the creams at night or whenever a pimple pops up especially when I am hormonal and it’s the best cream I have found. I haven’t worn make up and I haven’t used photo filters.this is an amazing product!!! You absolutely MUST wear spf or just use a brilliant moisturiser . I use the acnecide wash and the cream and I absolutely love it I am so happy.what I love is that it reduces and make sure my acne inflammation disappear.
  • We used to get this 5% benzyl peroxide cream prescribed on the NHS but they have stopped doing it. It’s the only thing that has worked on my daughter’s facial acne with no horrible side effects like some stronger acne creams give! See the before and after from just 5 months of use. Give it a month or two and you will be amazed! As soon as we stopped using this and used something else that the doctor prescribed, all her spots came back so hence why we now buy it from Superdrug. Worth every penny!
Acnecide Gel Reviews
acnecide gel reviews
  • For the past 6 months or so, I have struggled with spots all over my chin area. I have tried SO many products to get rid of these but nothing seemed to completely clear my skin… as soon as i got rid of one, I’d break out again. After months of putting up with it and feeling self conscious, i did some research and found this product. I am not lying when I say this product completely cleared my spots within TWO DAYS. I applied the cream morning and night after washing my face. The only thing I would say is make sure you keep your skin moisturised as it slightly dryed mine out – nothing too bad though and I’d much rather have dry skin than a face full of spots.
  • I have combination skin, I had several under the skin sore cystic spots and general bumpy texture. Now… my skin is a completely different texture, it doesn’t even feel like my own face! It is so smooth, all cystic spots have cleared up and flattened and is generally blemish free. I will write below how I used the cream and how it worked for me. It does dry out your skin, but if you are sick of your acne like I was it’s such a small price to pay for it- plus it’s nothing that a gentle exfoliation and moisturiser can’t help!

Every morning and night- dab a TINY amount on the head of each active spot. Leave to dry.

Every other night- dab a TINY amount on “problem areas” and rub it in. Really tiny amount.

Acnecide Gel Spot Treatment Review
Acnecide Gel Spot Treatment review

I also had a day off the cream just to let my skin breathe a bit.

It’s also worth noting that your active spots will go more red, but they will flatten and fade.

Acnecide Reviews
acnecide reviews
  • I’ve suffered with bad acne for about 6 years now and I’ve never found anything that cleared it up. After using this product my face instantly cleared up and my skin is finally begginging to clear up! I’ve never felt so confident in my skin in years, this product is amazing
  • I am 33 and have been struggling with acne for the past 20 years. Tried all sorts of creams and vitamins advertised as miracle cures but nothing ever worked and most were just standard moisturisers labelled as acne cures and marked up at a higher price.

    Been using Acnecide for 4 months and from week one I saw results as my spots went from large ones daily that left behind red blotchy discolouration to the occasional (one or two a week) small whiteheads.

    This is pretty strong stuff and might cause some burning or irritation but your skin gets used to it after a while and clams down.

    I use it every day after my morning shower. Just a pea sized amount on my finger and rubbed in to damp skin.

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