Active or Standby? – Dual SIM phones comparison

Active or Standby? – Dual SIM phones comparison

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and even mobile phone manufacturers do not give up, including developing dual sim models, to meet customers and to offer them more and more efficient variants.

There are many reasons why you want a dual sim mobile phone, either you don't want to have two different devices – one for work and one personal, or you want the best options offered by network operators, or you travel a lot and you need of a free slot to place a local card, etc., and to make a choice that suits your needs, inform yourself in advance.

In this article you will find information about the types of dual sim mobile phones in order to be able to make a purchase in accordance with the requirements you have.


Given that more and more people needed two mobile phones, which involve some disadvantages, such as more everyday items, mobile manufacturers have created a new model in which you can put two different sim cards.

The first models did not convince, being created by no name companies, which wanted to keep a price as low as possible. However, seeing the need, large companies began to produce such models, initially dual sim Passive. It had two slots for two different sim cards but only one of them could be used, the exchange being done with the help of a button. In case you used one of the cards, the second one remained inactive, and the switching is done only manually, being a cumbersome operation that did not catch the public.

Active or Standby? – Dual SIM phones comparison

At present

With the development of the smartphone, more efficient dual sim models appeared, which were well received by customers. There are two main variants, namely dual Standby and dual Active, easy to switch from one sim to another which have as main difference the state of the second sim while the first sim is active, which leads to different marketing prices. : dual standby – has a second inactive sim and a lower price; dual active – has both active sims and a slightly higher price than the first model. But let's take each one and explain it in more detail:

Dual sim dual standby phones

they are the most widespread, being the variant you find on approximately 95% of dual sim mobile phones. From conception they have two sim slots, for two different cards and one radio module. With only one radio modem, the two cards cannot be active at the same time.

What does this thing mean? If you receive a call or you call from a number on sim 1 for example, sim 2 is automatically deactivated and you will not be able to take calls or messages from the second number. After the call ends, in the standby mode both senses become active, the next call can be taken from any of them.

Most manufacturers prefer this model due to lower production costs, which leads to a lower selling price, so they can be sold more easily to customers.

You can redirect your calls from one sim to another to resolve this issue. You need an application that you can easily find on Google Play and it's free. The application is called Call Forwarding , it has an easy interface and you have a few simple steps to follow: choose the situation in which to redirect (all calls; if you do not answer; if you are outside the coverage area); write the number to which you want to redirect and set the time after which the command is activated (you can set the number of seconds after which the redirection is initiated in case you cannot take the call); choose the number to which you forward the call.

The application is permanent, so after you have made the settings you will have active redirection until you change the conditions. In case you forgot what settings you made you can easily check the status on each card and possibly make other settings if they suit you better.

Active or Standby? – Dual SIM phones comparison

Dual sim dual active phones

They are top products, at higher prices, which are dedicated to active people who use their mobile phones a lot and need performance. These models have two slots for two sim cards and two radio modems, each card having its own modem. Thus, regardless of the status of the phone, in standby or active, the two cards will be active and you will be able to receive calls or messages simultaneously.

This feature allows you to use each card at any time, if you answered a call from sim 1, you can receive calls and messages from sim 2 and vice versa. You will be notified during the call that you have another call on the other number and you will decide whether to answer or not.

Besides the high production costs and implicitly of acquisition, these models have the disadvantage that they will consume a lot of energy, which leads to a lower autonomy of the smartphone's battery. They are just top models, intended for customers with more special needs, who consider that the price is worth it in order to be able to carry out their activity in the best conditions.

Certainly, over time, solutions will be found by mobile phone manufacturers, to reduce production costs and increase the duration of autonomy, in order to lower the purchase price of these high-performance models, but until then you can opt for a Dual Standby model, which well configured will do its job.

You already understand what the Dual SIM phone market offers you (here is the list of compared products ) and if you are not very busy, then maybe it is more useful to choose a dual Standby version, as they also have a lower marketing price. If it is useful for you, having a rich activity related to the use of the mobile phone, go for a top dual Active model, which will satisfy all your requirements, even if the initial price is a bit higher.

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