Adobe Creative Cloud is coming to Chromebooks!

The coast of Chromebooks has suddenly exploded. And that's nothing to say. Adobe and Google have indeed announced last night some surprising news, the imminent arrival of the Creative Cloud on all machines running Chrome OS . Yes, you read that correctly, it will soon be possible to use Photoshop on any machine powered by the search giant's operating system.

Initially, only Americans will be able to benefit from it and it will be imperative to have an education license to benefit from it. And no, it's absolutely non-negotiable.

Adobe Creative Cloud Is Coming To Chromebooks

Photoshop on Chromebooks will soon be a reality.

This is not the only limit imposed by the two giants. At first, this version of the suite will consist of only one software. Photoshop . You will therefore have to wait a little longer before you can use Lightroom or even Illustrator on your favorite Chromebook.

There may come a day when you no longer need to install Adobe Creative Cloud to use Photoshop, Lightroom, and all the rest.

For the moment, we still lack information, but this version of Photoshop should be similar in every way to the one that has been available for a very long time on Windows and OS X. With some interesting additions, such as further integration with Google Drive.

If we are to believe the post published on one of Google's blogs, it will indeed be possible to open our documents – our PSDs – directly from our personal “cloud”. No need to download the file locally, therefore. The same goes for backups of course.

That's not all. The other particularity of this version is that it will not be installed locally on the machine, but directly streamed from the publisher's servers.

This is not a trivial detail because it also means that future versions of the Creative Cloud may work the same way. Ultimately, we will probably no longer need to install the suite on our bikes and this should make life easier for our friends the CIOs. Like that, well they will have a little more time to work on their infra, or to hang out on Facebook.

If you meet all the criteria that are going well, you can go here to register for the program: . However, do not wait for an answer right away, because you will have to go through the selection stage.


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