ads for the galaxy s21 to leaks

Samsung probably won't like it. After the renderings and the information on their technical sheet, it is the turn of the advertising spots made for the Galaxy S21 to leak . There are three of them and they give us a good overview of what awaits us.

It's no secret that manufacturers are struggling to keep their future products a secret at the moment. Leaks are numerous and it happens very often that we discover the design of a product several months before its launch.

ads for the galaxy s21 to leaks
The Galaxy S21 according to OnLeaks

The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra are no exception to the rule and it has been several weeks since they crystallized leaks and rumors of all kinds.

The Galaxy S21s pay a new leak

The latest is arguably the most impressive of all.

Three advertising spots have just appeared on the web. Spots entirely devoted to the brand's next high-end phones and which give us a good overview of what awaits us.

In fact, they even confirm the leaks of recent weeks.

The Galaxy S21 will therefore all look a little alike. Like their illustrious predecessors, they will thus be equipped with a screen with contained borders, with a centered punch. The most significant element will be their rear photo module. Imposing, it will be made in the same metal as the edges of the phone and it will be placed in their continuity.

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Disparities between each model

The result is quite atypical, with an aesthetic sense that will undoubtedly not please everyone. Even less on the staged purple version, a version on which the photo module and the borders have been dyed in bronze.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be a little different for its part, and especially in terms of colors. Samsung has opted this time for a gray back and a photo module tinted in black. Much more discreet module, therefore. The screen is also curved and it covers part of the edges of the phone.

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Glass on one side, plastic on the other

As a reminder, according to some sources, only the most expensive model would be entitled to glass and the Galaxy S21 could thus be satisfied with a plastic back.

As a bonus, we should also expect a lot of differences on the side of the photo module. The Ultra model would indeed embed many more sensors and the latter would be of better quality. This would allow it at the same time to regain the advantage over the Huawei Mate 40 Pro or even the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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