After Pornhub, Xvideos' turn to be investigated

Xvideos in turn finds itself in an awkward position. According to a local media outlet, the porn site is under investigation in the Czech Republic. In question, videos showing sexual abuse against women and children.

Do these lines give you an air of déjà vu? This is perfectly normal. Pornhub itself faced the same type of accusation late last year following the publication of a prosecution article by The New York Times. Article which had a huge media reach and which forced the porn giant to drastically review its strategy.

After Pornhub Xvideos Turn To Be Investigated
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After blocking uploads to all unregistered users, its owner has indeed decided to get rid of all content shared by anonymous users.

Xvideos in the crosshairs of the Czech authorities

In all, more than millions of videos have suddenly disappeared from its catalog. A real purge that worries the creators a lot , but which also pushed other tenors of the genre to do the same on their side: Xvideos and XNXX .

But now, it seems that this action is not considered sufficient in the Czech Republic. The Prague Morning reported this morning that Xvideos is currently the subject of many complaints. The site is thus accused of offering to its catalog videos depicting sexual abuse of women and minors.

Serious accusations which are taken seriously by the Czech authorities since the police have announced the opening of an investigation.

Extremely serious accusations

She suspects Xvideos of providing Internet users with illegal content, content that could come from videos containing child pornography.

Petr Maly, spokesman for the Attorney General, announced that the case had been brought to the attention of the criminal police. Service that will have to determine if these accusations are founded and, if so, the responsibility of these owners.

Owners who risk big. According to our source, the company WGCZ Holding, which operates the site, has an annual turnover of 1 billion Czech crowns, or approximately 127 million euros.

For their part, MasterCard and VISA have once again been quick to react since they have both blocked all payments from Xvideos and the latter can no longer use the services of these two companies – exactly at the same time. picture of what happened to Pornhub.

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