AirDroid will launch its client on Windows and OS X

Should we still present AirDroid ? No, and that's normal because this tool is very popular with fans of the little green robot. Especially since the last update . And precisely, its developer is currently working hard on a new client that will push the concept even further, a client that you will be able to discover now through these few captures.

At present, AirDroid is only available on the web and this also means that it is imperative to leave the page open in a tab of our browser to take advantage of the tool's features.

Airdroid Will Launch Its Client On Windows And Os X

Soon you will no longer need to launch your browser to take advantage of AirDroid's features.

It is very annoying with force, and even more when you are already juggling a dozen services open permanently. And with several windows too, obviously.

Handling of calls, text messages and a hint of mirroring in passing

Based on this observation, the instigator of the project decided to work on a client that will arrive on Windows and OS X before the end of the year . BGR had the opportunity to have fun with the solution and its reporter was visibly delighted with the experience.

The first version of the client will offer a lot of different functions and if it will allow us to carry out file transfers between our computer and our mobile terminal, it will also give us the possibility of taking calls , answering SMS / MMS and even to manage our contacts . It's obviously hard not to think about what Apple has been offering since the arrival of iOS 8 and Yosemite on the market.

Certainly, but there is even better because AirDroid will also be able to pick up all the alerts generated by the applications of our smartphone or our tablet, and even to replicate its screen outright. In other words, you will be able to control your phone using your mouse, and you will therefore no longer need to take it in hand to launch such or such a tool, or to access such and such content.

Dangerous? Maybe, but the client's developer has planned it right and all data passing between our devices will be encrypted on the fly (E2EE) to prevent it from falling (too easily) into the wrong hands.

Ah and the interface is stoned, otherwise.

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