A touch of Apple magic-Apple AirPods Pro

It’s been rumored for a while, but the Apple AirPods Pro are finally here. They have a new design, new features, and a new price tag, but they’re still unmistakably  AirPods.  Latest apple wireless earbuds are what the original AirPods should have been.These are what apple wireless earbuds should always have been, right from the moment the company   “bravely”removed iphone headphones jack .

Apple AirPods Pro Cover 1


While the original airpods model caught a lot of deserved flak for not sealing the ear canal, the Apple AirPods Pro not only seal the ear, but they also provide active noise canceling. On paper, these are light-years ahead of the old apple earpods. If you’re an iPhone user and if you used some models of  iphone headphones and now you are looking for some well-fitting apple wireless earbuds with strong sound quality, you could do a lot worse than the new Apple AirPods, the redesign means they are far less likely to fall out, and the additional microphones provide strong noise-cancelling (particularly when commuting), as well as a useful Transparency mode, which really does let the outside world in. The current Apple AirPods Pro price sits at $249 / £249 – that’s a considerable jump from the previous generation which retailed for $159/£159 from the off.However, at $249 / £249 / AU$399, they’re pretty pricey too, and as such can’t be called the very best wireless earphones out there, even though they do come close.The Apple Airpods Pro release date was 30 October worldwide so you’re now able to pick them up from Apple and a number of other retailers.

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