Amazon used Bernie Sanders meme for an ad and it was a big mistake

If you are asked to cite the essential points that you have retained from the inauguration of the new President of the United States, you will surely include Bernie Sanders and his pose, which has now gone viral on social networks. Sitting on a recessed chair with his mittens on, the senator has become the favorite model of memes makers who have not hesitated to make photo montages of him in various settings.

The joke did not stop at the level of Internet users, since even a large company like Amazon tried to use the meme to promote one of its products, Amazon Pay. The latter's Twitter account thus published the photo of Bernie Sanders with the caption "How to register for Amazon Pay", then "It's that simple. Thank you #MitainesDeBernieSanders. ". What Amazon didn't anticipate was that the ad didn't appeal to Sanders' supporters at all, and many didn't hesitate to voice their outrage. The reactions were such that Amazon had to delete the tweet that evening.

Amazon used Bernie Sanders meme for an ad and it was a big mistake
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We know that Amazon still took a big risk by using the image of Sanders in an advertisement because he is known to be against the labor policy of the distribution giant.

Not a fan of Amazon

We can say that Bernie Sanders would never have agreed to represent Amazon. On the day of the inauguration, the senator also published criticisms against the company which tried to stop the formation of a union by the workers.

On the other hand, Sanders also criticized Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for the unsafe working conditions, the dismissal of those considered whistleblowers, but also for the "greed of the company ”which for example did not pay federal taxes in the United States during the years 2018 and 2019.

A real ad or a mockery?

From what is known, Amazon was well aware of Sanders' position since in December, the company responded to the senator's criticism of its policies and working conditions. It is therefore possible that the Amazon Pay ad was in fact a way of making fun of Sanders, as some internet users think.

In any case, on the evening of Friday January 22, Bernie Sanders had not yet responded directly to the fact that Amazon had used his image in an advertisement. But from the reaction of his supporters, we can imagine his reaction to him.


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