An “affordable” MacBook Air to be released on the Q2 2018

Apple is reportedly in the process of preparing a new MacBook Air for us , and it could hit the market in the next few months after a potential announcement at WWDC in June.

This is in any case what we learn from MacRumors who peeled the last note of the famous Ming-Chi Kuo. In the latter, the KGI Securities analyst encourages investors to keep an eye out for three products that Apple is preparing to launch by the start of the school year: the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone , the new AirPods , but also a “ more affordable ” MacBook Air. If the interested party does not go into much further detail, it is as much to say that the possibility of seeing a brand new MacBook Air land on the market is exciting. This model has not had a serious hardware update for ages.

An “affordable” MacBook Air to be released on the Q2 2018

The very knowledgeable Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI has just peeked into his crystal ball. And surprise, he sees a new model of MacBook Air, thought to be offered at an affordable price.

As the site recalls, Apple has in fact turned away from this range in recent years, preferring to focus – in particular – on the MacBook Pro which for their part benefited from a major overhaul in spring 2017. The objective of the Cupertino company would, however, focus this year on the launch of more affordable devices.

What to expect from this new MacBook Air?

That's the big question, and for now only speculation will be out. We can reasonably think that Apple will not be satisfied this year with a modest upgrade of the CPU, as it had been the case last June (besides the firm at the apple did not sprain itself by passing on its MacBook Looks like rather dated Broadwell processors).

The current 13.3-inch version (the only survivor after stopping production of the 11-inch version), still equipped with a non-Retina HD (1440 x 900 pixels) screen, could therefore be replaced during the summer. or during the next school year, by a new MacBook Air all that is more shiny.

Counting on a new design, on the integration of all new CPU / GPU chips as well as on the addition of a better screen, is not illusory after 3 years of total stagnation or almost of Apple on its small MacBook model.

The guy could thus benefit from a Retina panel with a better definition (why not 2K), but also one or more USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 port (s).

Obviously the question of the price of this new version arises. The current model is negotiated between 1099 and 1349 euros on the Apple Store, it remains to be seen what Ming-Chi Kuo means by “ affordable ”. Some are already talking about a model for less than 1000 euros. On our side we do not believe the masses … but it is against quite possible that the current MacBook Air passes below this fateful threshold, once the new model launched.

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