An email messagery client at zoom meeting will arrive soon

Zoom , the now famous videoconferencing software, has been particularly essential during this pandemic period. This allowed it to gain fame and gain momentum. And, finally, to embark on a new service and be completely independent by creating your own email .

The implementation of this new service will guarantee a better longevity to Zoom, in addition to diversifying the services it offers. While Zoom's email testing could begin in 2021, it will take a little longer to hope for the email service to be effective, he said.

An email messagery client at zoom meeting will arrive soon

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Called Zoom Eyes , this application will act as both messaging and calendar. In addition to allowing Zoom to be independent of Outlook and Gmail , without which the application can not function, Zoom Eyes will even allow the firm to compete with Microsoft and Google .

Zoom Eyes will be of great help to the company

As indicated, the creation of this email will give Zoom the possibility of no longer depending on the services of Microsoft and Google. More importantly, it will allow Zoom to continue to exist, even after this COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, it must be recognized that if the number of Zoom users has grown significantly, it is partly due to health restriction measures. A situation from which the company has benefited if we look at the figures with Google Meet which recorded 1 billion minutes of video calls per day in 2020, while Zoom recorded 3.5 billion.

And now, as the vaccine distribution is underway, people will gradually be back to work in the office, which will make videoconferencing less popular. By expanding its range of services in this way, Zoom hopes to do well and endure in the market.

Zoom determined to find a place against the giants of the web

Thanks to the services of Zoom Eyes, Zoom therefore hopes to join forces and compete with Microsoft and Google on their playing fields. In fact, speaking of competition, the list is long for Zoom.

In the mass video conferencing sector, among its rivals, there is also Microsoft Teams , Google Meet, but also Skype, Avaya, 8 × 8 and many others. But it will be without counting on his will to keep a nice piece of the pie.

But as Zoom pointed out, even as it diversifies its services, it is playing with big companies that have more than one trick up their sleeve. Among these, we have Facebook, Amazon and Apple. And it will not be easy to rub shoulders with it.

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