And Microsoft registered the Xbox Series XS trademark

Microsoft launched last November its two new next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. They have therefore been available on the market for two months. Yes, and imagine that a third trademark was filed at the end of last year.

Once again, the Redmond firm has therefore decided to split its offer in two and let consumers choose between the overpowered Series X and the very accessible Series S.

And Microsoft registered the Xbox Series XS trademark
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If these two consoles are capable of running the same titles, they do not compete on the field of power.

An Xbox Series XS between Series X and Series S?

The Xbox Series S is not in fact unique in being devoid of optical drive. Its internal components are also set back from its big sister, especially in the field of the GPU. It is indeed limited to a power of 4 TFLOPS, against 12 TFLOPS for the Series X.

The same goes for RAM, with 10 GB of RAM for the S Series against 16 GB for the X Series.

These disparities, not everyone understood them. For many, Microsoft has indeed complicated matters too much. Especially in the face of a Sony which has chosen to offer two PS5s which are identical in every way… if we except the presence – or the absence – of the optical disc drive.

Very quickly after the launch of the consoles, some sources therefore began to discuss the possible launch of a third Xbox located halfway between the Series X and the Series S. A console that would offer the power of the first while relying on cloud gaming. By that mean an Xbox Series X without an optical drive.

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A simple way to protect the brand?

Since then, of course, a lot of water has flowed under the bridges and we had finally forgotten this rumor. Until now.

This third console has indeed returned to the limelight at the beginning of the week when we learned that Microsoft had filed a new brand on December 29: Xbox Series XS.

So of course, this brand is undoubtedly only there to protect the interests of the brand and prevent the smart guys from filing the patent before it, but we must recognize that the idea of a console as powerful as the Xbox There is something very appealing about Series X at a slightly milder price. Especially when you know what the latter is capable of.

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Might as well focus on the mid gen, right?

Now, it is also questionable whether Microsoft would really have an interest in launching a third console so soon. Strictly speaking, it would probably be better to focus on the mid gen rather than complicate the life of the average consumer even more. A consumer who might not understand or appreciate to see a new console land just a few months after the release of the previous Series X | S.

Not to mention that Microsoft is already struggling to produce enough Series X and Series S for everyone.

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