and now a connected vape for healthcare

It has been some time now since medical marijuana was legalized in several states in the United States. This substance is known for its health benefits, in particular for people suffering from certain diseases including Alzheimer's disease, cancer or even Crohn's disease. It also helps to treat anxiety and sleep disorders.

Although cannabis has many virtues, it is necessary to measure the amount to be absorbed to avoid undesirable effects. This is the reason why the Mode vapoteuse was created. This is a smart cannabis dosing device that allows you to control the amount inhaled.

and now a connected vape for healthcare
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The new Mode vapoteuse was born from the inspiration of Izzy Kirsh, co-founder and co-CEO of the company. The man indeed realized how important it was to perform a personalized dosage of cannabis after an injury.

To set up the platform, Kirsh partnered with Mark Wagner and Stephen Bates. The three men also worked with design and engineering experts for product development. Funding of $ 2.5 million then enabled them to make Mode commercially available.

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What are the characteristics of this vapoteuse?

Equipped with a tactile cursor to adjust the dose of cannabis to the nearest milligram, Mode is also equipped with precision sensors to know the amount inhaled. In addition, there is a feature that makes the device vibrate whenever the inhaled dose is sufficient and it is time to exhale.

Product information, dosage plans, personalized recommendations, consumption analyzes and comments can be viewed on an application that accompanies electronic cigarettes. This application has a control dashboard where one can check all this information.

The device can also be locked by its owner so that children cannot access it.

For those who are interested in this smart vape, it is possible to pre-order it on the platform's website for $ 100 each. Deliveries will start from the first half of this year.

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