And now a TV without cable (even electric)

The Russian start-up Reasonance took advantage of CES 2021 to lift the veil on a television without cable even for its power supply. A concept that is both practical and impressive.

The last edition of the CES show was an opportunity for many young companies to present their creations to the whole world. Admittedly, due to the pandemic, all the presentations took place online, but this made it easier to attend the event. It is for this reason in particular that the number of participants has been particularly high this year. Among these young shoots who unveiled their inventions at the show, it is possible to cite the Russian company Reasonance. The name of the start-up itself is evocative enough. Indeed, she presented a television whose power supply is based on magnetic resonance.

And now a TV without cable (even electric)
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Suffice to say that the device is completely devoid of wired connection, even for its power supply.

Up to 1 meter away

Wirelessly transferring electrical energy from point A to point B is not easy at all. It is for this reason that giants such as Samsung and Apple have not yet succeeded in offering any reliable solution in this area.

Reasonance claims for its part to have found a way to improve the process. To do this, she placed a receiving coil at the back of the television. A transmission coil is placed about 50 cm away, connected to the mains.

Still according to Reasonance's explanations, the system works up to 1 meter away. It is not even necessary for the two devices to be aligned for the electrical energy to pass. To make the transmitting coil more discreet, it would be possible to embed it in a wall.

A power limited to 120 W

The only problem with this solution developed by the Russian start-up is that it is not able to provide more than 120 watts of power. Therefore, it is only suitable for flat screens smaller than 40 inches. Reasonance claims, however, that its technology is 90% more cost effective than competing solutions. In addition to use on a TV, it could prove its worth on drones, robots, even electric vehicles.

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