And now the Galaxy S21 S-Pen leaked

Samsung is one of the most popular manufacturers on the market and, like all popular manufacturers, it is very frequently faced with product leaks. Needless to say, the Galaxy S21s are no exception.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. Although their presentation will not take place until January 14 , we already know all about them.

And Now The Galaxy S21 S Pen Leaked
Here is the S Pen and the case that will accompany the Galaxy S21 Ultra

From them, but also from their accessories. WinFuture has indeed managed to get its hands on renderings presenting the S-Pen of the Galaxy S21 … as well as the protective case that will allow us to attach it to our future smartphone.

An S-Pen that won't fit inside the Galaxy S21 Ultra

You may know, but Samsung no longer wants to limit the S-Pen to the Galaxy Note range and its tablets. The brand confirmed at the end of last year that the accessory will be extended to more devices in 2021.

Among those devices is the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is expected to be the very first device in the line to support the accessory.

However, and unlike the Galaxy Note, the latter will not have a housing reserved for the stylus. We will therefore have to carry the S-Pen everywhere with us.

That the most heads in the air be reassured however, because Samsung seems to have foreseen the blow. A special protective case will indeed be marketed with the Galaxy S21. A case that will allow us to keep the S-Pen under the elbow.

A case that brings back memories

Basically, the case will look like the brand's Clear View cases. A flap will therefore cover the phone screen, with a vertical cutout to allow us to keep an eye on the time, date, battery status or even notifications. The stylus, for its part, will take place inside the case, and more precisely in the middle of its joint, against the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung should of course opt for a magnetic attachment system to avoid problematic slips.

The S-Pen itself does not seem to bring anything new and it thus takes the look and the stylus format that accompanies the Galaxy Note. The usual button always responds.

And Now The Galaxy S21 S Pen Leaked 1
Other pictures of the Galaxy S21 Ultra case

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