And that's why Windows 9 is called Windows 10

It was only recently that Microsoft officially lifted the veil on the very latest version of its operating system, Windows 10 . Let those who worry about it be reassured right away: you haven't missed anything and, between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, there was indeed no Windows 9. So what, Microsoft can no longer count ? No, the real reason for this jump in versions is to be looked a little further.

Officially, Microsoft wanted to mark a big step forward, a break with the past. Only voila, according to a Reddit user, the real reason is not as beautiful and is even damn disgusting, it must be said it is.

And Thats Why Windows 9 Is Called Windows 10

Windows is an operating system, and in that sense it runs various software. These programs often support multiple versions of Windows, and for this they may need to execute certain lines of code depending on the version in question.

Thus, some software contains a rather singular piece of code:

 if (version.StartsWith ("Windows 9"))
{/ * 95 and 98 * /

Concretely, this instruction tests one thing on the version of Windows currently in use. That same thing is if that same version starts with "Windows 9" and if it does then the program infers that it is either Windows 95 or Windows 98.

In other words, Microsoft would have decided to skip the Windows 9 version, going directly to the 10 to avoid any problems with the software using this piece of code. It's ugly.

Well, of course, there is nothing to confirm that this is indeed the real reason Windows 9 was upgraded and so it could be a simple joke that will end up in an urban legend. What is certain is that we will probably never know the truth.


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