Aperture and iPhoto will be able to retire

Apple rolled out an update to its flagship operating system last night. OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite brings many improvements, of course, but above all it marks the arrival of new software: Photos . Software that replaces the firm's two other solutions, Aperture and iPhoto. The time for retirement has therefore come for them.

Aperture took its first steps in November 2005 and was therefore preparing to blow out its tenth candle. Apple eaters probably know it, but it was originally meant to compete with Lightroom and so it was aimed at professional photographers.

Aperture And Iphoto Will Be Able To Retire

Photos is available on all Apple devices.

iPhoto, for its part, has been available on the market since January 2002 and its main purpose was to allow the user to easily order and sort their photos. It has grown a lot over the years. It was even available on iOS since March 2012.

Endgame for Aperture and iPhoto

Photos was first shown by Apple at WWDC 2014 and we knew it was due out this year. La Pomme Croquée finally waited until the beginning of April to provide us with its new solution.

If you want to take advantage of it, it's not complicated since you just have to start the Mac App Store and browse in the tab dedicated to updates. Your Mac will then detect version 10.10.3 of the system and offer to install it immediately.

It will be enough to click on the appropriate button to recover its files on your computer.

Photos takes advantage of a minimalist interface. The application is very reminiscent of iPhoto in its ergonomics, with a more modern look and an interface closer to the new visual identity of the firm.

Its functions are quite basic but it will allow you to organize your photos in a few clicks and synchronize them on your different terminals. It does indeed have the good taste to integrate with iCloud.

I had the opportunity to quickly pick up the tool and it seems rather well designed. However, it is far from equaling the professional solutions offered by the competition. If you're used to working on Lightroom, for example, there's little chance that it will manage to distract you from it.

Aperture and iPhoto are no longer for sale on the Apple store.

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