Apple accused of blocking third-party repairs on MacBook Pro and iMac pro

Apple recently distributed to its partners a note concerning the repair procedure for MacBook Pro and iMac pro . In the document, the American giant specifies that devices that do not respect said procedure will be blocked.

La Pomme is one of those tech companies that cares the most about user safety. Sometimes, she does not hesitate to make complex decisions, putting her image into play and risking controversy. This is obviously what just happened. According to Apple Insider , the firm has just sent its authorized repairers a note explaining the repair procedure for its recent devices powered by the T2 chip, the iMac Pro and the MacBook Pro.

Apple accused of blocking third-party repairs on MacBook Pro and iMac pro

The note in question underlines that the breach of this rule will result in the blocking of the product which has been the subject of a component replacement in a clandestine manner. Suffice to say that it is now necessary to call an approved repairer.

Specialized diagnostic software

The new repair procedure mentions the need to use specialized diagnostic software after the repair, or more precisely the replacement of a component, on MacBook Pro and iMac Pro, but also the next products belonging to these ranges. Called Apple Service Toolkit 2, the program currently concerns the T2 security chip found in the new computers of the Cupertino company.

After a repair, the software will thus carry out checks to ensure that the procedure has been carried out by authorized personnel and not by a third-party repairer. To this end, the tool will inspect computer systems, including memory and display, but also power and cooling circuits. It is still good to note that the procedure does not apply to all hardware modifications. Certain types of repair are spared.

A measure in the process of being introduced?

This new measure taken by Apple is likely to be talked about. Some even equate it with a new strategy of planned obsolescence.

By preventing users from repairing their devices, Apple would effectively seek to encourage them to buy new products. Moreover, such a policy goes against the law on the “right to repair”.

For the moment, it seems in any case that the procedure is not yet operational. The iFixit team claimed to have changed parts of a 2018 MacBook Pro Touch Bar without resorting to the verification protocol. Despite this operation, the computer continued to function correctly. Which means that the new measure may be in the process of being implemented.

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