Apple AirTags show in video

Apple has had a very busy 2020. Despite the current health context, the brand has indeed succeeded in launching a significant number of products, with new references as the key. Like the first Macs with an M1 chip , for example, or the AirPods Max .

On the other hand, and contrary to what rumors affirmed, the AirTags are still missing.

Apple Airtags Show In Video
This is what AirTags should look like – credits Jon Prosser

But it looks like their announcement is on the right track… and we even get an idea of their look thanks to Jon Prosser's indiscretions.

AirTags show themselves a little more

The YouTubeur-leakeur has indeed published at the beginning of the week a new video focused on the next Apple accessories.

If you missed the mark, then it may be worth remembering that AirTags should offer functions similar to those of Tiles. Their objective would indeed be to allow us to easily find a lost wallet or lost keys by locating them precisely thanks to the accessory.

Apple should also go quite far. Thanks to the U1 chip, the location of the AirTags should indeed be quite precise and the accessories associated with our account could even be visible in the Locate application. It would then become possible to follow the movements of a bicycle in the event of theft, for example, or even to ensure that the youngest has returned home after school.

Several leaks have supported these rumors in recent weeks and visuals of AirTags have even appeared in the system files of some platforms of the brand.

A precise location

Jon Prosser, for his part, however managed to take it a step further by getting his hands on a video presenting the accessory. According to him, and the lines to come are to be taken with a grain of salt, the sequence would have been directly extracted from iOS. In other words, the video for the accessory would have been made by Apple.

The look, in any case, corresponds well to previous renderings published on the web. The AirTags thus takes the form of a mat white badge in which a metal base has been hung. Base on which the manufacturer's logo appears as well as the usual mentions.

However, and this is undoubtedly the most surprising, no hooking system appears on the image.

Interestingly, Jon Prosser also evokes the operation of the accessory and he explains that the latter can be traced thanks to the brand's other devices, such as the iPhone of strangers. For more on the subject, you can refer to this video posted last year by .

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