Apple fixes the Throttling issue of its 2021 MacBook Pro with a patch

Last week , a review by American youtubeur Dave Lee cast a shadow over the performance of the new MacBook Pro and in particular the model equipped with an Intel Core i9. The interested party then reported a Thermal Throttling problem on the terminal and assured, with supporting evidence, that the Intel processor was far from being at ease on the latest MacBook Pro.

We thus learned that when it was widely used (during a video encoding session for example), the Santa Clara foundry chip could not maintain its base frequency (2.9 Ghz) and that it rather oscillated around 2.2 Ghz, for temperatures which could climb to 96 degrees Celsius. The performance of the CPU was therefore constrained by the heat generated during intensive use. A particularly annoying point on a machine supposed to be able to collect large calculations without problems.

Apple fixes the Throttling issue of its 2021 MacBook Pro with a patch

It was actually a bug. Apple, which suffered the wrath of some reviewers about the mixed performance of the new MacBook Pro 2018, has just released a patch to rectify the situation.

During his test of the product, Dave Lee reported that by placing the laptop in a freezer, the latter suddenly found an acceptable performance threshold for a machine of this caliber, and therefore hypothesized a heat dissipation system under -sized for such a processor. However, Apple's investigations this week seem to prove it wrong.

A simple bug at the origin of this rise in temperature?

In any case, this is indicated by the firm at the apple in a press release published recently. Apple explains that it found the source of the Thermal Throttling problems pointed out by Dave Lee and assures us that these performance issues are the result of a simple software error.

The firm has therefore published a first patch in the wake. A patch that, according to Cnet US , at first glance seems to correct the performance wanderings of the MacBook Pro 2018. To be clear, the media has carried out tests similar to those carried out by Dave Lee (long-term 4K video encoding, in particular) and good news, the Thermal Throttling observed so far has been erased after installation. the patch concocted in a hurry by Apple.

On the charts published by the site, the temperature and frequency curves are stable and no longer seem victims of untimely increases and decreases. Better yet, the processor manages to reach a frequency of 3.96 Ghz. We are far from the falls to 2.2 Ghz noted last week.

By carrying out extensive tests in different working situations, we noticed that an entry was missing in the firmware and that this impacted the thermal management system. [The latter could therefore] restrict the frequencies in the event of a sharp rise in temperature of the new MacBook Pro ”said Apple in its press release.

The patch proposed by the brand is included in the MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 update. It allows – according to Apple – to increase the performance of the 15-inch MacBook Pro by 70% and to double that of the 13-inch model equipped with the Touch Bar. Of course, these data are in both cases maximum values observed.

Apple fixes the Throttling issue of its 2021 MacBook Pro with a patch

On the left, the frequencies and temperatures before the patch. On the right, the same, but after the deployment of the last update.

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