Apple: Genius Bar accused of inflating prices

Apple has often been criticized for its sales strategies. The firm has already been the subject of a class action lawsuit over the battery and slowdown scandal . Recently, The National carried out an investigation into the “controversial business practices” of the American group. Undercover, a journalist went to an Apple Genius Bar in Canada with an apple brand computer with a black screen.

The shop employee spent a few minutes examining the device before offering an exorbitant price for its repair. “It'll cost you around $ 1,200 ($ 927) to fix, so you might as well go looking for a new one,” he said. However, the same computer could be repaired at a third-party workshop in New York City in less than two minutes.

Apple: Genius Bar accused of inflating prices

The Apple Store employee diagnosed a water breach that caused damage to the screen. Still, the repairman found that the problem was with a simple bent pin that needed to be put back in place.

A flagrant overstatement of repair costs

After observing the computer, the Apple employee listed names of parts that were allegedly affected by water and needing to be replaced. The computer was then repaired by Luis Rossman of the Rossman Repair Group with bewildering ease.

According to Rossman, there is some evidence that there was indeed water damage. The employee of the Apple store, however, would have overstated their magnitude. He added that just being in a very humid room can cause water damage indicators to activate.

Highly controversial business practices

The investigation also addressed the throttling issues associated with an update. The point is, people believed that they needed to buy new smartphones when it was enough to replace the battery.

Shana Scarlett, Canadian consumer rights lawyer for Hagens Berman, was part of a class action lawsuit against the company.

The company has been charged with violating antitrust laws. Scarlett had obtained the sum of 450 million dollars. She was interviewed in California by The National .

Other people like John Poole, founder of Geekbench, and Kyle Wein, showing off the iPhone 8's battery unnecessarily stuck, were also approached.

In response to the investigation, Apple denied the overestimation of repair costs. The company simply said that customers would be best served by "certified experts using genuine parts . "

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