Apple has a big announcement planned

Apple would he seek to steal the show from its rival Samsung? It would appear that this is the case. Interviewed by Gayle King, Tim Cook said he was preparing a big announcement for Wednesday. Either for the day before the presentation of the Galaxy S21.

Apple monopolized much of the media attention late last year.

Apple has a big announcement planned
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The brand has indeed organized no less than three different Keynotes, Keynotes during which it presented an iPad Air 4, an iPad 8, an Apple Watch Series 6, an iPhone 12 Mini , an iPhone 12, an iPhone 12 Pro , an iPhone 12 Pro Max and no less than three Macs powered by the Apple Silicon M1 chip . Not to mention, of course, the AirPods Max .

Tim Cook promises big announcement

Apple, however, has overlooked other highly anticipated products, such as AirTags and the iPad Pro Mini LED.

Be careful, however, not to get confused, because recent statements by Tim Cook do not mean that these expected products will be presented tomorrow. In fact, if the strong man of the company has promised a big announcement for this Wednesday, he also made it clear that it will not be a new product.

But then, what will it be?

No new product on the horizon

Speculation is rife. Some believe that the firm will make new announcements related to the environment and ecology, subjects which are particularly close to its heart. Others are hoping for an announcement concerning the Apple Car, which is more and more talked about, or even related to the famous Apple Glass, which may well hit the market sooner than we think .

Still, Tim Cook chose his moment well. As you probably already know, it is also tomorrow that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be presented. To believe that the number 1 of Apple does not want all eyes to be on South Korea.

Update: the initial version of the article mentioned an announcement for Thursday. It should take place this Wednesday.

Update2: The announcement has been made, it is explained in detail in this article .

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