Apple has considered getting rid of the MacBook trackpad

Patents filed by Apple last March confirm its desire to revolutionize the way we use MacBooks. Indeed, they relate to techniques making it possible to facilitate interaction with the computer using touch sensitive devices. The firm is also obviously seeking to offer better protection against dust.

While almost all of our eyes are on the 2018 iPhones, Apple continues to work behind the scenes on projects to revolutionize its products. According to AppleInsider , the firm has filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office for patents entitled "Device with an integrated interface system". The patents in question were submitted by the manufacturer on March 28. Suffice to say that this is a fairly recent request.

Apple has considered getting rid of the MacBook trackpad

As the pictures that describe the concept show, this is the addition of a virtual keyboard and a waterproof layer that provides protection from dust and debris.

A trio of patents filed by Apple

These new patents from Apple are obviously intended to improve the experience of using the MacBook keyboard by making typing more intuitive.

The documents suggest the use of a transparent device that sits on the keyboard area of the device. Thanks to its touch controls, it acts like a giant trackpad.

Moreover, under the transparent layer which can be plastic or glass, there are sensors capable of detecting the area where the fingers are placed. These components are also able to assess the force applied by the user.

A display that serves as both lighting

The section dedicated to the device can also offer a display which will at the same time make it possible to illuminate the input zone, that is to say the virtual keyboard. In addition to the traditional keys, said zone can be programmed, which gives the user the possibility of personalizing the keys by choosing the language or even the symbols to be displayed.

Additionally, the system can allow keys and surrounding areas to be touch sensitive. This will make the use even more pleasant than using the trackpad. Adding a feedback system will provide a certain level of tactile sensation for better interaction.

One of the documents shows the installation of a membrane covering the keyboard. The fabric cover is made of waterproof materials to provide protection against external particles.

Apple has considered getting rid of the MacBook trackpadApple has considered getting rid of the MacBook trackpadApple has considered getting rid of the MacBook trackpad

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