Apple has new Macs in the development

Apple has not yet cut all its cards and the manufacturer would have three new Macs in preparation, with a new tablet scheduled for the end of the year as a bonus.

Apple did not have a very quiet end to the year. The company found itself in a complicated situation following revelations related to the clamping of its iPhone processors and it even had to face a considerable number of lawsuits. Lawsuit still ongoing at the present time.

Apple has new Macs in the development

According to some Chinese indiscretions, the Cupertino giant is currently in the process of concocting a new 13-inch MacBook. It would have the particularity of being offered at an affordable price.

To make matters worse, some analysts have made very alarmist reports regarding iPhone X sales, sales that will inexorably pull down.

Three new Macs for 2018

Apple would not however intend to give up and this is precisely what we can deduce from one of the last articles published by Bloomberg since our colleagues have heard about the upcoming launch of no less than three new Macs.

This isn't the most interesting though, as Bloomberg sources also mentioned the presence on these machines of a brand new co-processor similar to the T1 in the MacBook Pro and the R2 in the iMac Pro.

Like these chips, this famous processor should be of the ARM type and allow the continuous operation of the voice recognition function specific to Siri.

And an iPad in ambush

This information should be taken with the usual precautions, but on these three machines, there would be two laptops and a desktop computer. Bloomberg does not mention the ranges targeted, but it would make sense that the portable machines are in fact new MacBooks since they have not been updated for a long time. As for the desktop machine, it could be a choice of a new iMac or a new Mac Pro.

In addition to these three new machines, Apple also reportedly intends to launch a new tablet at the end of the year. On the other hand, we do not know if the latter will be part of the range of iPads or that of iPad Pro and we will have to wait for new leaks to be clear.

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