Apple imagined a keyboard made up of screen keys

Apple has innovated a lot in Macs in recent years, whether through their looks or their functions. The best example remains that of the Touch Bar which, although not unavoidable, at least has the merit of rendering us proud services in certain applications.

The apple brand will of course not stop there. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It has indeed started a whole new turn with Apple Silicon chips, extremely convincing chips as we have seen with the MacBook Pro M1 test .

Apple imagined a keyboard made up of screen keys

And indeed , Patently Apple has got its hands on a very promising new patent.

A keyboard that adapts to all situations

The patent in question concerns the keyboard of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and thus describes a set made up of keys equipped with… a screen.

The screen in question is obviously not there to look pretty and it allows you to modify the pictogram displayed. The letters can thus give way to colors, or why not, to macros. The idea being of course to allow our Macs to adapt to the running software.

And there, we can imagine a lot of things. On Final Cut Pro, for example, such a keyboard could make the letters disappear and instead display all the shortcuts offered by the software. Shortcuts that are quite difficult to remember at first.

To more easily find the shortcuts of its software

The same could be offered on the Adobe suite, and in particular on Photoshop, Lightroom or Premiere Pro. Tools that are widely used and have dozens of different shortcuts.

The concept could of course be declined ad infinitum and such a keyboard would be able to adapt to all situations. When playing a video, for example, it could make all letters disappear and instead show shortcuts to control the footage.

So of course, on paper, this idea may seem ambitious, but Apple has acquired a certain know-how with the Touch Bar and we can easily imagine that a keyboard of this type is quite in the strings of its engineers. Now, that obviously doesn't mean that the next MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will play that card.

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