Apple imagined a MacBook without a physical keyboard

Apple files hundreds of patents each year, and one of the latest should be of great interest to you. It indeed presents a MacBook without a physical keyboard.

Apple currently has three ranges of laptops in its catalog, the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. If these are all very different from each other, they also have many points in common and they are all equipped with a metal frame, a physical keyboard and a touch screen.

Apple Imagined A Macbook Without A Physical Keyboard

This is not very surprising in itself since Steve Jobs thought that touch had no place on computers.

Apple imagined a machine similar to the Yoga Book

However, much has changed since the death of the founder of the company and this is precisely what this new patent proves.

The USPTO published at the beginning of the week a new patent filed by the Californian company, a patent describing the operation of a computer made up of two touch screens connected to each other by an articulated hinge, a little like a Nintendo DS or even Lenovo's Yoga Book.

According to the document, this patent was registered by the trademark in 2015 to protect what is described as “a device with an anti-glare dual screen and improved visibility”.

An incomplete patent

Unfortunately for us, the diagrams accompanying the patent filing do not give more information on the characteristics or peculiarities of this machine, but we can reasonably assume that the second screen would have the capacity to transform into a keyboard or a touch zone in depending on our needs and the running application.

A bit like what the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro Retina launched last year offers, in short, but much larger. However and in fact, it would be more logical for such a machine to position itself alongside the iPad Pro given its format.

For now, it is indeed very difficult for professionals or even for demanding users to do without a physical keyboard.

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