Apple imagined an iPhone case capable of charging AirPods

Apple may be considering giving iPhone and AirPods users new charging options. As Apple Insider claims , the manufacturer has patented an iPhone case capable of charging wireless headphones.

Apple has filed new patents with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Recently made public, the documents describe an iPhone case whose main feature is that it can charge accessories such as AirPods while on the go. The diagrams published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office show several ways of providing such a concept. Three solutions were then patented, suggesting three different methods to charge AirPods with the iPhone case.

Apple imagined an iPhone case capable of charging AirPods

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Anyway, all the concepts are characterized by the presence of receptacles to contain the wireless headphones.

A practical concept

The first rendering shows for example cavities on the upper part of the case. These are designed to accommodate AirPods. In another image, the cavities to house the headphones when recharging are at the back, while the third rendering shows a much more complex system. This is because AirPods are charged inside the hinged cover of the case.

Certainly, these concepts imagined by Apple are all interesting, but for us the most practical solution is that which consists in placing the cavities of the headphones inside the cover of the case. According to the patent, the external part of the latter will also host a small screen, which should be handy for seeing information such as the charge level and notifications.

Use beyond the simple charging function?

Indeed, the patent mentions that the Cupertino company is also looking for ways to expand the possibilities of using its case for the iPhone. Thus, the functionality of the accessory will not be limited to the simple fact of recharging the AirPods. Unfortunately, the solutions behind this idea still remain an open secret.

While waiting for their disclosure, be aware that filing a patent does not necessarily guarantee the realization of a project. If Apple deems the design and technology of the patent to be feasible, it will certainly go through with it. Otherwise, the concept could be abandoned. In any case, let's hope that this rather special case will become a reality.

Apple imagined an iPhone case capable of charging AirPods

Apple imagined an iPhone case capable of charging AirPods

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